Tuesday, June 1, 2021

The Technological Future of Love

Here's a new draft paper. This one was co-authored with Sven Nyholm and Brian Earp. It is about the role that technology can and will play in reshaping the value of love. It is forthcoming in an edited collection entitled Love: Past, Present and Future. You can access a preprint version of the paper at the links below.

Title: The Technological Future of Love

Authors: Sven Nyholm, John Danaher, Brian Earp

Links: Philpapers; Researchgate; Academia

Abstract: How might emerging and future technologies-sex robots, love drugs, anti-love drugs, or algorithms to track, quantify, and 'gamify' romantic relationships-change how we understand and value love? We canvass some of the main ethical worries posed by such technologies, while also considering whether there are reasons for "cautious optimism" about their implications for our lives. Along the way, we touch on some key ideas from the philosophies of love and technology. 



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