Video Lectures/Debates/Interviews

Podcast Interviews

  • 'Algocracy’ - Interview about my research project. Robot Overlordz Podcast, Episode 284 

  • 'Superintelligence' - A long video interview with Adam Ford about AI Risk, Nick Bostrom's book Superintelligence and some of my criticisms thereof.

  • 'Sex Machina’ - an interview about the social, legal and ethical implications of sex robots. Robot Overlordz Podcast. Episode 163.

  • 'Enhanced!’ - an interview about neuroenhancement and technological unemployment. Robot Overlordz Podcast. Episode 150.

News Articles

  • Fast Company - "THE TOP JOBS IN 10 YEARS MIGHT NOT BE WHAT YOU EXPECT" - includes some quotes from me about the future of work. Just to be clear my suggestions were made with a particular theory of employment and employability in mind, which was unfortunately left out of the final version of the article. 

  • Above the Law - "Would You Believe Your Law School Tuition Pays for Sexbot Research" - A somewhat negative article, again dealing with my article on sex work and technological unemployment, which disagrees with the notion that students' tuition fees should pay for research into this topic. But as the author notes, the tuition situation is not as bad in my neck of the woods as it is in the US.

  • Pando Daily - "Academics Dream of Electric Sex Workers" - A slightly negative, or at least tongue-in-cheek take on the topic of sex work and technological unemployment. Based partly on an interview with me, but featuring a number of inaccuracies (e.g. it's not true to say that the majority of research on this is conducted by "stodgy British scholars". We may be stodgy, but as far as I am aware most of us aren't British)

  • Pando Daily - "Pew Report: "Sex Robots will become Commonplace" - As the name suggests, this is actually a report on research done by Pew into robotics and the workplace. Nevertheless, it does briefly mention my article on sex work and technological unemployment.

  • Ekstra Bladet - "Sexrobotter tager ludernes arbejde" - Definitely NSFW! I have no idea what this says, but it is about my article on sex work and technological unemployment. Apparently, Ekstra Bladet is a Danish tabloid, and one of the more popular Danish news websites.


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