Podcast .001 (1)

I started doing a podcast as part of my Algocracy and Transhumanism project. Although that project has now ended, the podcast continues. You can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes here and Stitcher here. The RSS feed is available here. Links to episodes and show notes are below:


1. Tal Zarsky on the Ethics of Big Data and Predictive Analytics

2. James Hughes on the Transhumanist Political Project

3. Sven Nyholm on Love Enhancement, Deep Brain Stimulation and the Ethics of Self-Driving Cars

4. Evan Selinger on Algorithmic Outsourcing and the Value of Privacy

5. Hannah Maslen on the Ethics of Neurointerventions

6. Deborah Lupton on the Quantified Self

7. Brett Frischmann on Human-Focused Turing Tests

8. Karen Levy on Intimate Surveillance

9. Rachel O'Dwyer on Bitcoin, Blockchain and the Digital Commons

10. David Gunkel on Robots and Cyborgs

11. Sabina Leonelli on Big Data and the Future of Science

12. Rick Searle on the Dark Side of Transhumanism

13. Laura Cabrera on Enhancement, Communication and Human Values

14. Aaron Wright on Blockchains and the Law

15. Nicole Vincent on Neurointerventions and Happiness

16. Anders Sandberg on the Ethics of Time Compression in Computing

17. Steve Fuller on Transhumanism and the Proactionary Imperative

18. Jonathan Pugh on Bio-Conservatism and Human Enhancement 

19. Andrew Ferguson on Predictive Policing

20. Karen Yeung on Big Data and Hypernudging

21. Mark Coeckelbergh on The Tragedy of Automation

22. Wellman and Rajan on the Ethics of Automated Trading

23. Liu on Responsibility and Discrimination in Autonomous Weapons and Vehicles

24. Bryson on Why Robots Should be Slaves

25. McNamara on Fairness, Utility and High Frequency Trading

26. Behan on Technopolitics and the Automation of the State

27. Gilbert on The Ethics of Predictive Brain Implants

28. Walch on the Misunderstandings of Blockchain Technology

29. Moore on the Quantified Worker in Precarity

30. Bartholomew on Adcreep and the Case Against Modern Marketing

31. Hartzog on Robocops and Automated Law Enforcement

32. Carter and Palermos on Extended Cognition and Extended Assault

33. McArthur and Danaher on Robot Sex

34. Lin on the Rise of Cyborg Finance

35. Brundage on the Conditional Case for Optimism about AI

36. Wachter on Algorithms, Explanations and the GDPR

37. Yorke on the Philosophy of Utopianism

38. Schwartz on the Ethics of Space Exploration

39. Frischmann and Selinger on Re-engineering Humanity

40. Nyholm on Accident Algorithms and Self-Driving Cars

41. Binns on Fairness in Algorithmic Decision-Making

42. Earp on Psychedelics and Moral Enhancement

43. Elder on Friendship, Robots and Social Media

44. Fleischman on Evolutionary Psychology and Sex Robots

45. Vallor on Virtue Ethics and Technology

46. Minerva on the Ethics of Cryonics

47. Eubanks on Automating Inequality

48. Gunkel on Robot Rights

49. Maas on AI and the Future of International Law

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