Monday, November 1, 2021

94 - Robot Friendship and Hatred

Can we move beyond the Aristotelian account of friendship when thinking about our relationships with robots? Can we hate robots? In this episode, I talk to Helen Ryland about these topics. Helen is a UK-based philosopher. She completed her PhD in Philosophy in 2020 at the University of Birmingham. She now works as an Associate Lecturer for The Open University. Her work examines human-robot relationships, video game ethics, and the personhood and moral status of marginal cases of human rights (e.g., subjects with dementia, nonhuman animals, and robots).

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Show Notes

Topics covered include:
  • What is friendship and why does it matter?
  • The Aristotelian account of friendship
  • Limitations of the Aristotelian account
  • Moving beyond Aristotle
  • The degrees of friendship model
  • Why we can be friends with robots
  • Criticisms of robot-human friendship
  • The possibility of hating robots
  • Do we already hate robots?
  • Why would it matter if we did hate robots?

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