Wednesday, April 19, 2023

107 - Will Large Language Models disrupt healthcare?

In this episode of the podcast I chat to Jess Morley. Jess is currently a DPhil candidate at the Oxford Internet Institute. Her research focuses on the use of data in healthcare, oftentimes on the impact of big data and AI, but, as she puts it herself, usually on 'less whizzy' things. Sadly, our conversation focuses on the whizzy things, in particular the recent hype about large language models and their potential to disrupt the way in which healthcare is managed and delivered. Jess is sceptical about the immediate potential for disruption but thinks it is worth exploring, carefully, the use of this technology in healthcare.

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  1. I don't know much about the large language model issue. I am an older, retired person in average health. Up until about two years ago, I had only one ongoing problem which did not unduly disrupt daily activities. Now I have more, requiring regular medications. There are at times discommunications among doctors and my pharmacy, requiring more attention; persistence and vigilance on my part. There is another tendency which bothers me: healthcare professionals do not want to take responsibility for errors of commission OR omission, preferring to blame patients, many of us older and therefore forgetful, by default. So, we keep records of instructions, appointments, treatments, payments, etc. I can't imagine how large language models would/could change all that, for the better. In real life, I was an administrative professional. Old habits come in handy. Ya dig?