Tuesday, November 22, 2022

100 - The Past and Future of Transhumanism

In this episode (which by happenstance is the 100th official episode - although I have released more than that) I chat to Elise Bohan. Elise is a senior research scholar at the Future of Humanity Institute in Oxford University. She has a PhD in macrohistory ("big" history) and has written the first book-length history of the transhumanist movement. She has also, recently, published the book Future Superhuman, which is a guide to transhumanist ideas and arguments. We talk about this book in some detail, and cover some of its more controversial claims.

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1 comment:

  1. I presume transhumanists are interested in AI, genetic enhancement of intelligence and many other Big Things appearing on the scene now. Also, from an opposing angle, it might appear there are ethical and moral objections to this line of thought and research, most of those emanating from religious traditionalists. It seems like a hard road. Is it?