Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Teaching Documents Online

My teaching idol...

Since I have started a new job, I decided to put some of my old teaching documents online. It's just a small sample, but some people might be interested. They are handouts from classes I taught over the past three years, while employed at Keele University. I've just put up the ones dealing with ethics and the philosophy of law for the time being. I may add more in the future.

Bear in mind that these are intended for teaching purposes. I don't defend any particular views in them. I just try to explain key concepts and arguments, and give students some suggestions for how to evaluate and analyse those concepts and ideas.

Here's what I have up so far:

  • Rationality and Efficiency - An introduction to rational choice theory for law students. Also looks at the concept of economic efficiency.
  • Scientific Evidence and Torture - Uses economic concepts to evaluate the worth of scientific evidence and information gained from interrogational torture.

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