Sunday, October 25, 2015

Philosophy of Consent and Sexual Assault (Index)

I have written quite a few posts about the philosophy of consent and sexual assault over the past couple of years. This is obviously a controversial but important topic. For those who are interested, I have collected all the posts together in this handy index:

  • Voluntary Intoxication and Personal Responsibility: A follow up to the previous post, focusing on the link between intoxication and responsibility. Doesn't directly engage with the question of responsibility for sexual assault, though that lurks in the background.

  • Drunken Consent to Sex and Personal Responsibility: An analysis of two arguments about the connection between personal responsibility and drunken consent to sex. The first, from Heidi Hurd, argues that anyone who is voluntarily intoxicated must take responsibility for their intoxicated consent to sex; the second, from Susan Estrich, argues the opposite. Both arguments are found lacking.

  • A Rawlsian Approach to Intoxicated Consent to Sex? An outline of Alan Wertheimer's take on intoxicated consent to sex. Wertheimer thinks we can approach the setting of consent standards much like Rawls approaches the setting of standards of justice.  

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