Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Some Recent Media - Sex Robots, Robot Personhood and A Future Without Work

I have been interviewed/quoted in a few recent media pieces.

  • RTE Radio 1's Inside Culture Show - I was featured for a few minutes in the June 20th Show. I discussed the ethical implications of love and sex with robots in light of a recent play about the topic. You can listen below (the segment starts at 32:30)

  • Quartz 'English Robots Will Miss Their Big Shot for a 'Bill of Rights' When Brexit Takes Hold' - A somewhat bizarre headline. The story discusses a recent EU parliament report on robots and legal liability, which included the suggestion that sophisticated robots be granted 'electronic personhood'. The media have latched onto that aspect of the report but I think doing so obscures the more important parts of the report and ignores the fact that granting legal personhood to artificial entities is not that unusual. I'm quoted very briefly on this point in the article.

  • The Atlantic 'Would a Work-Free World Be So Bad?' - This is a good piece looking at what would happen if we worked less. A number of different academic views are surveyed. I'm quoted towards the start of the article.

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