Wednesday, October 25, 2017

New Paper - The Law and Ethics of Virtual Sexual Assault

Image via Pixabay

I have new paper coming out on the topic of virtual sexual assault. It is to appear in Woodrow Barfield and Marc Blitz's edited collection The Law of Virtual and Augmented Reality (working title), which is due out in 2018. The article is something of a departure for me insofar as it is a survey and introduction to the topic. You can access a pre-publication draft of it here.

Abstract: This chapter provides a general overview and introduction to the law and ethics of virtual sexual assault. It offers a definition of the phenomenon and argues that there are six interesting types. It then asks and answers three questions: (i) should we criminalise virtual sexual assault? (ii) can you be held responsible for virtual sexual assault? and (iii) are there issues with 'consent' to virtual sexual activity that might make it difficult to prosecute or punish virtual sexual assault?

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