Saturday, September 1, 2018

This Week in Law #432 - Freeing Frigid Farrah

I had the great honour of appearing on episode #432 of This Week in Law. This is one of the many shows that appear on the TWiT TV network, which will probably be familiar to people in tech circles. I had a great long-form conversation with the hosts Denise Howell and Stefan Szpajda about the law and ethics of robot sex, virtual sex and consent apps. The show is divided into approximately four equal-length segments (about half an hour each):

  • (i) some preliminary issues on the definition of sex robots and some the ethical issues they raise; 

  • (ii) discussing the legal regulation of sex robots, specifically child sex robots; 

  • (iii) the problem of virtual sexual assault; and

  • (iv) the utility (or lack thereof) of consent apps.

As Denise points out somewhere in the middle of our conversation, some of the topics covered are dark, but as I commented in response: sometimes you have to think about the unthinkable.

You watch the video above. You can also download or stream an audio version at the show's webpage. I'd also highly recommend subscribing to the show if you are interested in law and technology.

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