Sunday, November 10, 2019

Embrace the Void Podcast Interview

Listen here. Download here.

I did a longform interview with Aaron on the Embrace the Void podcast this week about Automation and Utopia. We discuss a number of the key philosophical questions and assumptions underlying the book's main arguments. Topics covered include:

  • (i) the definition of work; 
  • (ii) the case for techno-pessimism; 
  • (iii) how to understand utopianism; 
  • (iv) the lightness of being a cyborg; 
  • (v) what it would mean to live in a virtual utopia.

This is a good primer for anyone interested in the book though, as per usual, we only scratch the surface of the issues.

I also played the 'realism-antirealism' lightning round game and I contradicted myself several times.

I highly recommend checking out other episodes in the podcast too. There are some excellent, substantive philosophical discussions up there.

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