Friday, December 27, 2019

Some recent media and podcasts

Regular readers will know that I have been shilling for my book Automation and Utopia for the past couple of months. In that vein, I did two recent podcasts on the book and related topics.

  • The first was on Mike Hagan's 'Radio Orbit' show. This was a fun and wide-ranging interview. It was recorded via phone so my voice is a bit muffled but overall it's probably one of my better interview performances. You can download the episode here.

  • The second was on Matt Ward's 'The Disruptors' podcast. This one focuses a lot on the likelihood of automation in the workplace and Matt plays a good devil's advocate on some of my claims. You can listen to it here or watch a video version (which I was not aware was being recorded) here.

This is a bit more out of date but my lecture 'Mass Surveillance, Artificial Intelligence and New Legal Challenges' was featured in a couple of news stories in Ireland, if you are interested. Here's one report from The Irish Times and another from The Unrelated to this, I was also briefly quoted in this story about the ethics (and law) of people creating 3D avatars of celebs and exes for sexual purposes.

Finally, for some unknown reason, I was featured on this list of 30 people to follow in Europe on AI. I'm not sure what the methodology was but it is nice to be featured nonetheless.

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