Wednesday, June 22, 2022

"We and the Robots" - Conversation with Anthony Morgan

I recently did a live online session with Anthony Morgan (editor of the Philosopher magazine) on robots/AI and philosophy. You watch the recorded video from the session above. It was a fun conversation and includes some of my thoughts about the recent LaMDA sentience kerfuffle. Below is the description from Youtube:

Can you be friends with a robot? Should we oppose the development of sex robots? Should child sex robots be used to treat those with paedophilic predilections? How could robots impact on our work lives and social relationships? Can robots have significant moral status? Should they be granted the status of legal personhood? We are living through an era of increased robotisation. In this conversation, philosopher of technology John Danaher considers various social, moral, and legal implications arising from this phenomenon, as well as the risks and possibilities that it presents for human flourishing.

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  1. This is a lively topic, again. Friends and I get a chuckle from claims and rumors---and rumors of claims. We still, against popular science, think that terms such as consciousness and sentience do not belong in sentences containing terms like artificial intelligence and machine learning. Ditto for paragraphs. Will anything lead us to believe otherwise? I don't know---but seriously doubt it.