Monday, July 25, 2022

Ethics of Academia (7) - Aaron Rabinowitz

In this episode I chat to Aaron Rabinowitz. Aaron is a veteran podcaster and philosopher. He hosts the Embrace the Void and Philosophers in Space podcasts. He is currently doing a PhD in the philosophy of education at Rutgers University. Aaron is particularly interested in the problem of moral luck and how it should affect our approach to education. This was a fun conversation. Stay tuned for the Schopenhauer thought experiment around the 40 minute mark!

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  1. Another blogger has suggested ethics coaching. Pointed out that this might upset some people's sense of convenience. Also asked, indirectly, who might (in response) be appointed to police the coaches, after they come under the influence of those inconvenienced. Whenever another 'layer' is introduced, other 'eggs' hatch into other problems. This is, uh, 'elementary, my dear Watson'. Policing the police does not work---it merely lays other eggs. I do not expect any reply to my observations. Just want you to know---we are paying attention.