Sunday, July 10, 2011

Updated: Posts on Common Sense Atheism (Index)

As no doubt many of my readers know, I have been doing a series of posts on Luke Muehlhauser's excellent blog I've been thinking that I should provide a link to these. So here it is.

I may as well take the opportunity to say that reading Luke's blog inspired me to start up Philosophical Disquisitions. I enjoy his substantive, yet accessible discussions of philosophy and his excellent podcast.

It was quite an honour when he asked me to contribute to his blog and I would like to thank him for that.

Anyway, enough flattery.

My posts on CSA are similar to those here and are designed to provide readable introductions to articles on the contemporary philosophy of religion. I'll keep this updated.

On Erik Baldwin's "Can the Extended A/C Model Provide a Defeater for Basic Christian Belief"

On Paul Draper's "Pain and Pleasure: An Evidential Problem for Theists"

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