Saturday, July 9, 2011

PD Episode 12 - Hedonism and the Experience Machine

Episode 12 of the podcast is now available for download here. You can also subscribe on iTunes here.

This episode discusses hedonic utilitarianism and Nozick's experience machine argument. The diagram below provides an overview of the four versions of the experience machine discussed in the podcast. Other relevant links are available below.

Tim Mulgan's book Understanding Utilitarianism

Antti Kaupinnen's post on Experimental Philosophy


  1. I don't see it in iTunes yet.

  2. Tis there alright, at least it is on the iTunes feed I'm subscribing to myself (just to check - I don't really listen to it). Couple of potential explanations:

    (1) You're working off the old feed. I changed in last week. You'll have to follow the link and subscribe again).

    (2) The episode order is a bit messed up. This is because the links to the old podcasts were dead and I had to refresh them. iTunes has put the episodes up in the order in which I refreshed them, not the order in which the episodes were released. On the version I'm looking at episode 12 is number 1 on the list.