Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Powerful Nonsense Ep 95 - Finding meaning in an automated world

I had a flurry of podcast interviews to start the new year. One of them was an interview on Powerful Nonsense. This is a very interesting podcast hosted by Cem Yildiz and Wayne Ingram which gives advice to young people about work and fulfillment in the new economy. They invited me on to talk about meaning in an age of automation. The conversation ended up being quite wide-ranging. Here's a small sample of the topics we covered:

  • Am I a technophile or a technophobe? (Answer: Neither)
  • What role does science fiction play in shaping the future?
  • Is the labour market undergoing a polarisation effect?
  • Are we entering an age of material abundance?
  • The rise of the basic income guarantee
  • Self-driving cars and the uberisation of the economy
  • Status quo bias in work and philosophy

And more. This was a fun and challenging interview. You can listen to it here.

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