Thursday, March 17, 2016

Algocracy and Transhumanism - Project Website

I was recently awarded funding by the Irish Research Council for a project entitled 'The Threat of Algocracy and the Transhumanist Project'. The goal of the project is to ask (and start to answer) three key questions:

  • What new governance structures are made possible by technology? (Focusing in particular on what I call 'algocratic' forms of governance)
  • How is technology changing what it means to be human? (Focusing in particular on the role of the transhumanist movement in changing how we think about this)
  • What are the implications of all this for political values like freedom, autonomy, privacy, equality and so forth?  

These are big questions, of course. It is the intersection between the three that particularly interests me. I'll be doing a number of interesting things as part of this project. As a first step, I have launched a new website that will house all content and materials related to it. Please check it out. It is still very much a work-in-progress, but I have added lots of content already.

(Note for regular readers: I will continue to cross-post everything relevant to the project on this blog too, so you won't miss out on anything).

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