Saturday, December 31, 2016

Podcasts and other Media Appearances 2016

As my penultimate end-of-year-review post, I thought I would provide links to some of the media appearances and mentions I had in the past year. I'm not going to list everything. For instance, my paper on sex work and technological unemployment was featured on several news websites but without anyone interviewing or talking to me first and often with its main thesis ignored -- I discussed this in my first newsletter back in September. So I'm really only including media appearances and mentions here that occurred with some contact between myself and the relevant outlets, or, exceptionally, where I felt they did a good job representing what I have written (Ronald Bailey's article, below, is the only real example of this).

Podcast Appearances

  • ’Algocracy’ - Interview about my research project and podcast on the Robot Overlordz Podcast, Episode 284




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