Thursday, November 23, 2017

Episode #32 - Carter and Palermos on Extended Cognition and Extended Assault


In this episode I talk to Adam Carter and Orestis Palermos. Adam is a Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Glasgow. His primary research interests lie in the area of epistemology, but he has increasingly explored connections between epistemology and other disciplines, including bioethics (especially human enhancement); the philosophy of mind and cognitive science. Orestis is a lecturer in philosophy at Cardiff University. His research focuses on how ‘philosophy can impact the engineering of emerging technologies and socio-technical systems.’ We talk about the theory of the extended mind and the idea of extended assault.

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Show Notes

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 0:55 - The story of David Leon Riley and the phone search
  • 3:15 - What is extended cognition?
  • 7:35 - Extended cognition vs extended mind - exploring the difference
  • 13:35 - What counts as part of an extended cognitive system? The role of dynamical systems theory
  • 19:14 - Does cognitive extension come in degrees?
  • 24:18 - Are smartphones part of our extended cognitive systems?
  • 28:10 - Are we over-extended? Do we rely too much on technology?
  • 35:02 - Making the case for extended personal assault
  • 39:50 - Does functional disability make a difference to the case for extended assault?
  • 43:35 - Does pain matter to our understanding of assault?
  • 49:50 - Does the replaceability/fungibility of technology undermine the case for extended assault?
  • 55:00 - Online hacking as a form of personal assault
  • 59:30 - The ethics of extended expertise
  • 1:02:58 - Distributed cognition and distributed blame

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