Monday, November 27, 2017

Robot Sex in the Media (Updated August 2018)

Myself and Neil McArthur's edited book Robot Sex: Social and Ethical Implications (MIT Press 2017) has been featured in a number of recent media pieces. Although this topic is usually treated with excessive hyperbole by the media, we have managed to secure some pretty good, substantive engagement with the ideas in the book in some outlets (partly because we wrote some of it). I'm collecting links to these pieces here. If you know of any other coverage, please let me know.

[Also if you'd like to buy or review the book on Amazon, I wouldn't be displeased...]


  • 'Kunstigt Klimaks' (roughly: 'Artificial Orgasm') - Weekendavisen, 15th September 2017 by Anne Jensen Sand. (This is in Danish so I have no idea what it says)

  • 'Falling in Love with Sexbots' - by Brian Appleyard in The Sunday Times News Review, 22nd October 2017 (sadly behind a subscription wall -- though you can get free access by signing up)

Audio and Video Interviews

  • 'Robot Love' - Interview between Sven Nyholm and David Edmonds on the Philosophy 24/7 podcast.

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