Thursday, January 25, 2018

Papers on the Ethics of Sex Technology (Index)

[Updated August 2019]

Much to chagrin of everyone I know, I've written quite a number of papers about the ethical, legal and social implications of sextech. Most of it focuses on the media-friendly topic of sex robots, but I've also written about virtual reality, consent apps and intimate self-tracking. Anyway, I thought it might be useful to provide links to all of this material in one post. With the exception of the first three, all are available in open access repositories. I'll update the list when full versions become available.



  • Danaher, J. (2019). Building Better Sex Robots: Lessons from Feminist Pornography. In Zhou and Fischer (eds) AI Love You - Studies on Human-Robot Intimate Relationships. Dordrecht: Springer. (Philpapers)

  • Danaher, Nyholm and Earp (2018) 'The Benefits and Risks of Quantified Relationships', American Journal of Bioethics 18(2): W3-W6 (Academia; ResearchGate)

  • Danaher, J. (2018). The Law and Ethics of Virtual Sexual Assault. In Barfield and Blitz (eds) The Law of Virtual and Augmented Reality (Academia; Philpapers)

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