Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Craig-Law Debate: Mapped


I don't usually do links-posts on this blog, but I thought I'd make room for an exception this time. Thrasymachus (the Polemical Medic) has done a wonderful job mapping out the Craig-Law debate that occurred on Monday 17th of October. I highly recommend taking a look. I used to think I was okay at doing argument maps, but I think I've definitely been bested.

The Craig-Law Debate - Argument Map



  1. John, which software do you use to create your argument maps?

  2. Hi Jeffery,

    I use Keynote or Powerpoint to create all my argument maps. I like it because it forces me to limit the diagrams to a page (literally, I sometimes print them out on an A4 page). Doubtless this prevents me from accurately mapping complex debates, but I think the utility of an argument map probably diminishes the larger it gets. I certainly find the kinds of maps created by most specialist argument mapping programs to be quite confusing.

    That said, Thrasymachus's maps of the Craig-Law debate convinces me that larger maps need not be confusing, provided you can guide the reader/viewer through them. Thrasymachus used Prezi, incidentally. Like Keynote, this is actually a presentation app, not an argument-mapping program.