Friday, December 5, 2014

The Philosophy of Sex (Series Index)

Once you've written nearly 700 posts, you begin to see patterns you never really appreciated. For example, I just realised that I've written quite a bit about the philosophy of sex (broadly construed). In doing so, I've covered a number of controversial debates and issues. These include: the permissibility of pornography; the criminalisation of prostitution; the punishment of rape and sexual assault; and the ethics of sex in virtual and robotic worlds.

Anyway, I thought it might be useful to group together everything I've written on the topic in this one post. I think it makes for some interesting reading. I've divided this up by theme, starting with the basic views on the ethics of sex, and then moving into more specialised debates. I haven't included the numerous posts I have written on the ethics of same-sex relations. There's another index-post that will give you links to them.

1. Introduction: General Issues in the Ethics of Sex

  • On Benatar's Two view of Sexual Ethics - A look at David Benatar's classic paper which argued that a casual attitude toward sex implies that there is nothing particularly wrong about rape and child sexual abuse. I tried to resist Benatar's conclusions.

2. The Ethics of Pornography

3. Prostitution and the Ethics of Commercial Sex

4. Criminal Law: Rape, Sexual Assault and Incest

  • On Rubenfeld and the Riddle of Rape by Deception - My analysis and critique of Jed Rubenfeld's controversial article on rape by deception. Rubenfeld argued that rape law should not be premised on consent and the right to sexual autonomy. Instead, it should be based on the right to self-possession and bodily autonomy. 

5. Robotic and Virtual Sex

  • Will sex workers be replaced by robots? (A Precis) - A brief summary of my paper on the topic of sex work and technological unemployment. I try to argue -- contra others -- that sex work may be one of the few areas that is resistant to technological unemployment.

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