Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Interviews, Talks and Debates 2015

For the next in my year-in-review series I thought I'd provide links to all the interviews, talks and debates I did in 2015. Turns out I did more than I remember doing:

  • 'Enhanced!' - This was an interview I did on the Robot Overlordz podcast. This one covered the topics of technological unemployment, human enhancement and the extended mind thesis.

  • 'Sex Machina!' - This was another interview on the Robot Overlordz podcast. This one looked at the ethics of sex robots and artificial intelligence. It also included a brief discussion of the movie Ex Machina, hence the title.

  • 'Superintelligence' - A long video conversation with Adam Ford about the arguments in Nick Bostrom's book Superintelligence. This was a live broadcast and unfortunately we lost our link-up for a few minutes slightly after the half hour mark. So there is some awkward silence at that point. Just skip ahead to the point where we start talking again.

  • 'The Case for Commercial Surrogacy' - Audio of my opening speech at a debate about the legalisation of commercial surrogacy. I present three reasons for thinking we should legalise the practice.

  • 'Does life have meaning in a world without work?' - My most recent podcast with Jon Perry and Ted Kupper from the excellent Review the Future podcast. This one looks at the meaning of life in a future world of rampant technological unemployment.

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