Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Most-Viewed Posts of 2015

As the year winds to a close I thought I would provide links to the most-viewed posts on this blog over the past year. These aren't my own particular favourites but they may say something about the internet's viewing preferences and the place of this blog within that world of preferences.

Anyway, I'll start with the most-viewed posts on this blog over the past year. The third of these was not actually published in 2015 but was the third most-viewed of 2015 due to being mentioned on Bill Gates's reddit AMA back in January. Because of this anomaly I've made this a 'top 11' not a 'top 10' (insert Spinal Tap joke here). Here's the full list:

I also publish most of my stuff on the IEET webpage and I get more views over there than I do on here. Indeed, I was surprised/pleased to learn that I was the most viewed writer of the year on the IEET. Because of this I thought I would provide a 'top 10' list for my posts on that website too:


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