Monday, December 31, 2018

Academic Publications 2018

It's time to do the usual end of year review of my academic publications. I've noticed quite a number of my colleagues complaining about this practice on Twitter, suggesting that people who do such retrospective lists are engaging in a painfully self-aggrandising form of productivity signalling. These colleagues argue for greater modesty and self-deprecation in such annual reviews, and argue that we should celebrate non-work related 'achievements' as well.

I sympathise, but as I explained in one of the many outputs from my super-productive year, both of these attitudes are symptomatic of an underlying malaise in our work culture. So I offer this list unapologetically.

As per my rules from last year, I've only included items that were published for the first time in 2018. I've excluded journal articles that were previously published in an online only version and got bumped into an official journal issue this year. I've also excluded items that were accepted for publication in 2018 but haven't yet seen the light of day.

Peer Reviewed Journals

Book Chapters

Other Publications
These are largely 'academic' pieces that were neither published on this blog, nor in what might be called a 'traditional' academic venue. 

  • Danaher, J. (2018). The Case Against Work’, The Philosophers’ Magazine, 2nd Quarter 2018 81: 90-94

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