Friday, April 29, 2011

Math Notation

Greetings to all,

A couple of weeks ago I started a series on game theory. Although I have written a few more posts for this series now, things have stalled somewhat due to my inability to write more complex mathematical formulas (equations, functions etc.) in blog-friendly format. I'm sure I could look around myself, but I thought I might ask: Does anyone know of any good online tutorials or resources on this issue? Or is it that the only way to do it by importing image files with the equations displayed on them?

Any information would be most appreciated.



  1. You might try

    You can type in LaTeX or use their WYSIWYG editor, then paste the html into your blog.

  2. That looks perfect Michael.


  3. You could try MathJax ( I guess this would be harder than the codecogs route, but it would give you greater flexibility. It depends how much technical stuff you plan to do...

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