Sunday, December 31, 2017

Academic Publications in 2017

Another end of year list. This one covers all the academic papers and books I've had published in the past 12 months. I provide links to open access versions whenever possible. Clicking on the title will usually take you to such a version.

I'm not sure why I continue to do this list. It seems terribly self-congratulatory, and now more than ever I appreciate that academia is not about the number of publications you have. Still, here it is.

Edited Books

This was a first for me.

Book Chapters

In addition to the three chapters in the Robot Sex book, I also had the following chapter published:

I had some other book chapters accepted for publication but they aren't due out until next year.

Peer-Reviewed Journals

These are all the articles that have actually been accepted and published in 2017. I have some others that have been accepted but not yet published.

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