Friday, July 23, 2010

Philosophical Disquisitions - The Podcast

In a momentary lapse of my otherwise sound judgment, I decided to record a podcast. The podcast is really just an audio version of what I'm already doing on the blog. It provides a summary and commentary on the various book chapters and articles that I've been reading.

It is intended to complement rather than replace the written summaries that I am already providing. There won't be any overlap between the two and the podcast will only be an occasional addition to the menu here at Philosophical Disquisitions.

The first episode is available for download here. It covers Erik Wielenberg's recently published article "Sceptical Theism and Divine Lies".

This is very much a trial run. I am hoping to improve my style and delivery over time and I would be happy to receive feedback -- constructive or otherwise -- in the comments section. I'm particularly concerned with how easy or difficult it is sustain concentration for the full duration of the podcast (24mins), particularly given my somewhat placid voice.

Anyway, let me know what you think.


  1. Awesome!

    I very much appreciate this because my eyes stare at screens all day anyway, and anything I can get in audio form instead of text form, I take that way.

  2. I think I'm going to come...Great news!

    About the podcast, it was great content, your voice is slightly dry and I'm expecting many more!

  3. I'll have to ignore the first part of that comment :)

    Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I thought it was a little dry myself. It's difficult to get excited when there's no immediate feedback from an audience. I'll try to improve on that next time out.


  4. John,

    I would have your babies if I was a girl. I look forward to being your colleague one day.


  5. I loved your blog before and now I love it even more :)

  6. Awesome! Are you going to make this available on iTunes (so, "efficient"...people like me can subscribe to it)?

  7. Haven't looked into setting up an itunes feed yet but I will consider it after I've recorded a few more.

  8. John,

    Is the Wielenberg article available online anywhere?

    I can't say for sure since I haven't read it, but it doesn't seem like Wielenberg's objection should matter that much to theists. The theist would say, sure, there's no proof that God's not lying to us, but then again, there's no out-and-out proof that God exists. If the theist is going to take it on faith (backed by various sorts of evidence and reasons) that God exists, is it really a stretch for the theist to take it on faith (again, backed by reasons of some sort) that God is not lying to us?

  9. Well the objection is specifically to sceptical theists as opposed to all theists. So only if they accept the sceptical answer to the problem of evil will God's potential deceptiveness become an issue.

    A version of the paper is available at Wielenberg's webpage. The published version requires a subscription. I'll add a link to the post.

  10. Sorry, I was wrong, the published version is available on Wielenberg's page. I've linked to it above.