Monday, May 9, 2011

Evolutionary Debunking Arguments (Index)

Much to my own surprise, I've ended up writing quite a number of posts on evolutionary debunking arguments. In case you've stumbled across this page in your travels through the great world wide web, you should be made aware that evolutionary debunking arguments are not what you might initially think. They are a fairly specific class of philosophical argument that create problems for the warrant and justification of our beliefs, they are not arguments that aim to debunk the theory of evolution.

Here's an index for all the posts I've written on this topic.

1. David Enoch on the Epistemological Challenge to Metanormative Realism

2. Guy Kahane on Evolutionary Debunking Arguments

3. Darwin and Moral Realism: The Survival of the Iffiest

4. Griffiths and Wilkins on Evolutionary Debunking Arguments

5. Thurow on Cognitive Science and the Rationality of Religious Belief

6. Joshua Greene on Distortion and the DDE and the Moral Myopia Hypothesis


  1. Will you discuss that article by Thurow?

  2. John,
    I thought you should know that the link to part two, under Griffiths and Wilkins on Evolutionary Debunking Arguments, leads to part one.

  3. Thanks, I've fixed it now.

    There are probably lots of dodgy links on the blog so if you find any others I'd appreciate it if you let me know.