Monday, May 10, 2010

Psychology of Religion (Videos)

I'm trying to put together a resource page for videos on the psychology of religion. If you know of any relevant links, please provide them in the comments section. I'm looking for reasonably high quality material by reputable researchers. I am also interested in good documentaries on the psychology of cults or other religious groups.

This is my first shot at it. I will keep this updated.

1. Andy Thomson - Why we Believe in Gods
Good introductory lecture.

2. Andy Thomson - We few, We happy few...
Theory of religious suicide.

3. Robert Sapolsky - The Biology of Religious Belief

4. Scott Atran - Suicide Terrorism

5. Scott Atran - Evolution of Suicide Networks

6. John Shook - The Psychology of Religion

7. Dylan Evans - Born to Believe

8. Emma Cohen - Savage Thinkers and Soulless Psychology: The Cognitive Anthropology of Religious Experience

Session 1 - Emma Cohen (Presenter) from American Academy of Religion on Vimeo.

9. John Dunne - The Impact of How it Feels: Neurophenomenology and the Cognitive Science of Religion

Session 2 - John Dunne (Presenter) from American Academy of Religion on Vimeo.

10. Jared Diamond - The Evolution of Religion

11. Documentary - God on the Brain


  1. The transcript of a somewhat shorter version of Sapolsky's lecture is available on the Web site of the Freedom from Religion Foundation: "Belief and Biology."

  2. Thanks for that. I'll add it in later.