Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How Does Society Work? (Index)

I am interested in how society works: what holds it together and what pulls it apart? But I am not interested in this topic from a classic sociological perspective. I have not read Durkheim, Weber or Parsons and have no immediate intention to do so. Nor do I have any great interest in macroeconomic theory and the likes.

Instead, my perspective on this topic is influenced by some contemporary research in philosophy, psychology and game theory. I'm going to share some of the material that has influenced my thinking in this area.

Here's an index. It will grow as I work my way through my back catalogue.

1. A Framework for the Psychology of Norms by Sripada and Stich

2. Gene-culture Coevolution and the Evolution of Social Institutions by Boyd and Richerson

3. A Framework for the Unification of Behavioral Science by Herbert Gintis

4. Natural Justice (Game Theory and the Social Contract) by Ken Binmore

5. Enforcing Norms

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